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Many pictures were taken of Zachary over the years. Here are some more for you to enjoy.
Our family vacation was taken in May 1994 to Mall of America in Minnesota. This photo was taken in the LegoLand area. Zachy had just gotten done playing with a Lego table and blocks.
I will always remember Zach coming over to play with me. I miss seeing him, but will never forget him. I am 14 years old now and still think of him and always will. 
I take a bear out to him for his birthday and Christmas. 
I have his picture at the foot of my bed. Miss you Zach. 
I love what your Mommy and Daddy did for you with this website....
Your Friend, 
Kim Wren
I will never forget when Zach would watch the Pinocchio video, he had to have me sit and watch it with him. Also, he would have me play Sing-Along videos. His favorite one had the song "Never Smile at a Crocodile", and when that song would play we had to sing it together. If I was in a different room, he would call me or come get me and tell me to sing it with him. We would have to sing it several times over and over. I cannot listen to that song, even now it makes tears come to my eyes when I think about it. His mom keeps both videos for me as I am afraid one of the other grandchildren will play them and I can't bring myself to watch or listen to them, not yet. 
Maybe someday...
I miss my precious baby.
Love with all my heart - Meme
If you have a fond memory or picture of Zachary that you would like to share, please email us . Let us know if you want it posted. 
I am sure someone has pictures of Zach that we do not have, 
and we would LOVE to have a copy!!!
Zach. WOW... I just can't believe that you are the same age as me and would be graduating with me from 8th grade this year if you were still here. I think of what you would be like now if you were here...... and wonder who you'de be friends with and if we would be close cousins,like best of friends! If you were here I sure hope that we would be. It's so crazy to think about all of that but i can't help but to wonder what you would be like, what you would look like and how you would act!!!....  I Love you Zachy!

         LoVe YoU MuCh AnD AlWaYs!!!
              Your cousin,

      Sunny days seem to hurt the most
      I wear the pain like a heavy coat
       I feel you everywhere i go.
      I see your smile i see your face
      I hear you laughin in the rain
      I still can't believe your gone
      It aint fair you died too young
      like a story that had just begun
      But death tore the pages all away
     God knows how i miss you
     and all that i've been through
    Just knowin' no one can take your place
   And sometimes I wonder who'd you be today?
    Sometimes the skies so blue
    I feel like i can talk to you
    I know it might sound crazy
    Sunny days seem to hurt the most,
   The only thing that gives me hope
  is to know i'll see you again someday.....

More recent picture of Breana and her son

More recent picture of Kim and her daughter