Thanks again for Remembering Zachary with us...
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Our Precious Little Man

What a sweet little angel we had. 

His tender smile.

His tight hugs. (squeezers)

His soft kisses. (mooches)

His little laugh.

He will always be in our hearts.

Zachy and Didi went to see The Lion King on the big screen with his Mommy and Daddy. They all had a good time.
To Zachy-
I wish to you another smooch to give and flowers if I had known that you would not live. As an angel, I want to be flown to the place you now call home. Mommy says I have to wait for Jesus has places for me to roam.
When Jesus calls, I won't be late. But until that distant day, all our memories I will keep of how we used to laugh and play. I think of you before I sleep, and often dream you're still here. I get sad and miss you and want to cry, but I will always keep you near, for my Zachy-D, I'll love you till I die.
Love Always,
Your Didi
Picture of Danette in grade school.
More recent picture of Danette
Zach was best friends with his cousin, Danette. He called her "my Didi". 
They were only 7 months apart and had such a STRONG bond, especially for toddlers.

These two did everything together! They always enjoyed the time they spent together....


Danette had a red tear-drop shaped stone put on her class ring in memory of Zachary.
I once had a friend who was precious to me
Where have you gone my beloved Zachary? 

Never were you mean or an enemy
Where have you gone my beloved Zachary?

Thirteen years it has been since last did I see
Where you were my beloved Zachary.

I was always as happy as ever could be
Where you were my beloved Zachary.

Cousins we were, you and me
Where have you gone my beloved Zachary?

Some say you are in Heaven with the angels and He
Still, in my heart I say you always shall be
My dearest friend and my beloved Zachary.

Love, your Didi